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Everyone, constantly thinks about how to increase his or her life quality and opportunities. Without even noticing, we all spend days, months and years planning and working for better conditions. Getting a job, investing in funds and investing in our children's education - so that they can get a better job - seems like the most common paths to improve our lives. However, why don't we think ahead, instead of focusing on investments that would only last one generation? Why don't we invest in real long-term assets? Assets that we can proudly pass to the next generations, which are chainless from any single government's ruling.

Breaking out of the governments' chains may be hard to imagine, but it is an easy process with professionals. Above all, nowadays we do not have to be bound by the nationality of our birthplace. Investing in nationality or dual citizenship is a unique option to keep in mind and is also the best gift one can hand down to the next generations.

Choosing your nationality is actually possible through multiple options, such as getting married, residing in another country for a certain time, working there, or bringing monetary value to that country. On the other hand, citizenship by investment programs are the fast track to get a new nationality. In fact, many countries have launched their citizenship by investment programs. To clarify, a citizenship by investment program is where you can choose your nationality, by meeting the criteria of governments. These requirements are mostly donations, international investment thresholds and a lot of paperwork. However difficult it may sound, there has never been a better time to upgrade your life and live freely as you deserve.

Turk Fortune is a Turkey Law Firm and consulting company for those seeking investment options in Turkey or just interested in dual citizenship. Whether it's a property to purchase or sell, a business to establish, a company to take over or a personal legal matter, Turk Fortune team is ready to be your ambassadors in Turkey law. By listening to clients and prioritizing their needs, they have been helping international clients with unique stories since 2018.

Turk Fortune team consists of competent professionals from different sectors. Accountants, real estate agents, market-specific consultants, academics and Lawyers who are masters of Turkey law regulations, are working together in accordance with the clients' needs. They are passionate to help clients to live their dreams, become free from invisible chains and etiquettes of governments and clear from political prejudice.

One of the common traits of the team members at Turk Fortune is that they do not offer any service that they are not confident about. They place special emphasis on client privacy since it is a company powered mainly by Turkey lawyers. Certainly, they provide services by the principles of confidentiality and care, which helps clients to feel safe when revealing the personal goals they want to achieve and the actual situation that they are in.

Moreover, the fact that team members of Turk Fortune are neither working under a construction company nor directly related to any third party, keeps away hidden agendas. Their team sees being auditable as a reflection of honesty and reliability, which makes them a transparent and accessible firm. This is very important, as it is the only way to establish mutual trust in this field of business.

First of all, they listen to the client and ask the right questions in accordance with the clients' goals. Turk Fortune team, breaks the complicated-looking problems and procedures into small parts and explains the solution step by step in a quick, clear, and informative manner. From their perspective, it's best to evaluate a client's given situation comprehensively to conclude their needs successfully.

As mentioned earlier, being transparent, direct, and accessible are not common characteristics, when it comes to service providers especially for citizenship by investment programs. Due to the fact that most of the time, the procedure is built upon purchasing an immovable property; the market is under the domination of construction companies rather than Turkey law firms. Most of these companies seem to offer the perfect list of services. However, guess who's side the construction company stands for, after the purchase? Investing in a foreign country is a fragile procedure, where a foreign investor may easily be directed to an international investment that is in favor of the salesman but not the investor. Therefore, rather than becoming a part of a mass marketing hype, any investor should focus on establishing a relationship of proxy with a team that is formed according to the client's individual story, a trusted Turkey Law Firm.

When it comes to providing legal consultancy and guidance to international clients, understanding clients' needs, culture and point of view is an important aspect. Everyone is born in different worlds, with different habits, traditions, and cultures, of which we get used to and normalize over time. With repeated exposure of traditional patterns, it is quite likely for an individual to accept the rules of a nation, especially when patriotic emotions are overused on us. Just like breaking a habit, thinking or planning about naturalization may feel wrong or even like betrayal. Nationality may be a good shield when needed, but it never have to be a lifelong relationship.

As an individual who is working for and seeking of options to increase life quality, we must remember that dual citizenship, is the legal way to protect our freedom from fast-changing regulations and tax policies. We can open our eyes to new opportunities, combine passports and divide our investments. We just need to be ready for new experiences and start planning our lives, as fortune favors the bold.

Turk Fortune team adds Turkish hospitality into years of professional experience and helps clients guide through the legal waters of Turkey law, where they also warmly welcome you to a new culture. With their welcoming and friendly yet professional approach, it makes it natural to decentralize your life. Turk Fortune believes that anyone can invest in a foreign country and be more than the habits of a nation with the right guidance.

To learn more about Turk Fortune and their services, visit their website at turkfortune.com/, check their YouTube channel, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Get in touch with Turk Fortune directly to enhance your mobility and upgrade your life by sending an email to info@turkfortune.com.

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